Hot Love Inferno – by Nicky Blue

Recensione Hot Love Inferno – a comic fantasy novella by Nicky Blue. Un dark humour di cui non potrete fare più a meno. Un libro divertente, pieno di sarcasmo e situazioni bizzarre.

A funny book, full of sarcasm and bizarre situations.

People are addicted to going forwards, because they seem to think they will arrive somewhere. Where do you think that destination might be?

Nothing more real.
A book full of surprises that overturns everything we thought we knew with certainty of reality.

In a fantasy setting you will find irony, mysteries, strange people, splatter scenes and a Basset hound. In short: everything you need!
I really enjoyed this book, it makes me laugh so much; the plot is compelling, there are also many twists, so that you can’t stop reading. The writing style is fantastic, footnotes add humour and sarcasm to the story. It is full of surprises, i found myself laughing along with the characters and their bizarre situations. Some of them are simply genius.

The dark humour characterized the dialogues and the scenes, anyway it is perfect and it is not perceived as a disturbing element. I usually do not read this kind of books, but I found it fantastic.

I did not know Nicky Blue, but now that I know him I will have to read every story he will write.
I’ll never forget Mrs. Jittery Twitch.

One of the parts that i remember made me laugh out loud was the comment “Is it because she’s got big tits?” you will discover the reason…

Enjoy the reading!

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